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sanzida aktar
Jul 14, 2022
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Germany denies the victims of the epidemic In a recent demonstration in Karlsruhe, Germany, against the imposition of restaurant closures and protective measures due to the epidemic, an eleven-year-old girl protested loudly in the crowd, and she fell victim to this series of blockades. , she compares herself to being limited by the number of people she can gather to celebrate her birthday, like Anne Frank, who was persecuted during the Nazi era. Anne Frank was forced to live in hiding in the Netherlands, her family of four and four others crammed into a small space behind her father's company photo background removing house. Living here for more than two years, the family of 13-year-old Annie was eventually arrested by the Nazis and sent to a concentration camp. Anne wrote a vivid and moving diary during the two years after the hiding house, and she died in a concentration camp at the age of fifteen, which is a sad sigh. Today, an eleven-year-old girl in Germany is more self-proclaimed than Anne Frank. The reason is that because of the epidemic, she cannot invite guests to celebrate her birthday together. She must celebrate her birthday five times with her family and friends. For this reason, she was not happy to receive gifts five times, and she solemnly protested that she was allowed to celebrate her birthday five times due to the epidemic measures. Hearing the news, the German adults didn't say anything serious. Only a local policeman wrote on social media that he thought the girl was incredible. How could she compare herself to Anne's suffering. The lack of a statement from the local mayor and other politicians was also surprising. Another protester in Hannover against measures to protect and block restaurants due to the pandemic included a young woman who compared herself to Sophie Scholl, the younger sister of the White Rose siblings persecuted in the Nazi era.
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