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sm badsha
Apr 11, 2022
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Entrepreneurship success is a multidimensional Buy Email List phenomenon. It includes multiple criteria of financial characters like profit maximization, revenue maximization, dividend maximization as in the case of shareholders etc., and non-financial characters for example larger Buy Email List share of market, customer satisfaction, perpetual enterprise Buy Email List existence etc. To achieve success in any of the following sections, one must be competent in his/her chosen area of enterprise. Entrepreneur competence can therefore Buy Email List be defined as the cluster of related knowledge, attitudes, and skills which an entrepreneur Buy Email List must acquire or possess to achieve an outstanding performance and optimize the business objective(s) amidst several constraints. Every job/role has a skill and competency requirement. Every career like entrepreneurship draws on the competence of an individual. For every entrepreneurial Buy Email List undertaking one needs certain competencies. Entrepreneurship competence is simply Buy Email List the skill which an individual needs to do an allotted entrepreneurial job successfully. Entrepreneurship competence constitutes a cluster of related knowledge, attitudes, and skills, which an individual Buy Email List acquires and uses together, to produce outstanding performance in any given area of entrepreneurial responsibility. Some of these competences may be general and some peculiar to the chosen areas of enterprise. We may describe competences to mean abilities and skills, for a teacher or a Buy Email List performing artist, for example, it is the skill to communicate that plays a decisive role in their effectiveness besides, of course, their knowledge.

sm badsha

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